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School Code: 54926
Director's Message

I am indeed overwhelmed and delighted on the launching of the new website of St. Xavier School. The 21st century would be a knowledge society would be a knowledge society Thus our school is changed with onerous responsibility for budding to mould them as great knowledge workers which will ensure height and glory for themselves and their continue.
For some years now the school has endeavored to live up to its mission nurturing needs and creating futures. It has done this through its curriculum of successfully combining contemporary skills and value education.
The new web-site will serve as the robust from work in shaping young minds and developing them to blossom as enlightened students with diverse knowledge about their present and the future.
So, my greatest friends will be great human beings, great teachers, great books and of course our new web-site. May it foster brother hood and enlightment to all those who fall under its preview.