Affiliation No.: 2131443
School Code: 54926
Principal's Message

It is a matter of preformed joy and ecstasy for me on the occasion of the introduction of a new website of St. Xavier School.
Children are the inheritors of Earth and will be the building blocks of our nation. To satiate their hunger for knowledge the school website will provide them with the tools they need. We must not hesitate doing something new and creative. As a young citizen of India the students will be well equipped with modern technology, knowledge and love for the nation. The lamp of knowledge will keep on burning through the modern architecture of the website. It will be a virtual panorama for igniting young minds.
I realize that I have to set a goal that will lead me to think high, work and realize this goal.
I wish this endeavor all the success and prosperity in the years to come. May this flame of knowledge keep on burning and illuminate all around it.